Spectral Geology & Hyperspectral Scanners

MMSL has over 20 years experience of working with Spectral Geology using field and laboratory visible/infra red spectrometers and airborne hyperspectral scanners for geological mapping and mineral exploration. Services include geological field work, Hyperspectral Survey planning & supervision, follow-up spectral surveys using field/lab spectrometers and staff training and mentoring in Spectral Geology and Hyperspectral Image Processing & Interpretation. 

The example here shows HyMap data over a folded meta-sedimentary limestone shale sequence. The carbonates are mapped with calcite signatures. A complex and intense alteration zone at a fold nose contains alunite, dickite, kaolinite and pyrophyllite. We also see a zoned variation in mica compositions with a central paragonite zone, intermediate muscovite zone and distal phengite zone. This anomalous alteration zone suggests a buried intrusion at the fold apex with probable mineralisation of skarn type at the margins of the central carbonate unit at the fold axis. 

HyMap Mineral Map HyMap Profiles HyMap Mineral Map Legend