About MMSL

Mappa Mundi Surveys Limited is the Geological Remote Sensing & GIS Consultancy of Dr Michael A Brown BSc PhD FGS. Formerly with Hunting Geology and Geophysics (1981 - 1987) and Anglo American/DeBeers (1987 - 1995). Michael has been providing Remote Sensing based consultancy services for Mineral and Hydrocarbons Exploration since 1995 as Mappa Mundi Remote Sensing & GIS and now Mappa Mundi Surveys Limited (incorporated in 2012).


* Get the most from widely available inexpensive Remote Sensing Imagery

* Maximise the information on your field area before you put in field teams

* Use Spectral Geology to identify mineralisation targets

* Organise your mapping and exploration data using GIS


If you have an onshore exploration area and you want to see how

Remote Sensing methods can benefit your

exploration programme then email MMSL at: