Geographic Information Systems - GIS

MMSL offers GIS services specialising in information derived from images. These are usually Remote Sensing Datasets such as ASTER, LANDSAT or HyMap data but also they can be geo-referenced maps as shown in the example below. In this project a large number of scanned mining licence (ML) maps contain information on the depths and grade of alluvial tin deposits. The problem is that the maps - produced in the 1950s to 1970s - do not have any annotated coordinates. Mining cadastre office "location" maps have the boundaries of the ML maps plus latitude - longitude tick marks in local datum. This information has been used by MMSL to geo-reference the old ML maps and re-project them into a modern geo-reference system (UTM / WGS84). GIS data capture of depths and grades for thousands of shallow drill holes is allowing modern Ore Evaluation methods to be applied to these alluvial deposits as part of a regeneration project in a former world-leading tin producing region.

Geo-reference Old Prospect Maps Digitise Drill Holes & Boundary Beacons Drill Holes colour coded for Tin Grade